The Circle


I walk in a world that is both bright and dark.

Illuminating shadows of love and hope that hide in the depths of my soul.

Bearing grief and pain with a spotlight on my heart.

Seeing the colors of the world move around and within me.

The darkness holds beauty I could have never imagined.

An entire world hid from the eyes of harsh judgments.

Fear courses through my body quicker than blood as I travel along.

But I’m stilled upon realizing the darkness surrounding me is a mirror.

A mirror reflecting all that I hide from myself.

My strength, power, and soul deep desires.

Everything I never allow to see the light of day staring back at me.

Daring me to draw it from the shadows, let it fill me, make me whole.

And bit by bit, I do.

A sliver from the darkest shadow… love.

A double handed grasp from strength.

Shards of power and as much courage as this small frame can hold.

And I’m slowly made whole.

My spirit soars, dancing with joy.

Bursting from my skin in a radiant light show.

Removing the mask I wear to face the harsh light of day.

And so I stand under the sun’s rays.

My soul bared, raw with renewal.

The grief and pain of life clear on my face.

But my eyes look beyond the seeable.

I see the flowers grow, only to be crushed by feet.

I see the harsh cycle of death and rebirth.

I shed tears for lives snuffed out.

And the corners of my mouth lift in a smile.

I smile because I feel.

The result of truly living.

Walking through a balanced world.

The unending circle of shadow and light.

Hello all! I am Willow McKenna, the High Priestess of Circle of Shadow and Light. I wrote the above poem and I feel it truly represents this coven. We strive to find the balance in life. To acknowledge both the shadow and light within and around us. It is our goal to be well rounded and whole both magically and spiritually. I started my journey with the American Tradition of the Goddess five years ago. I entered the coven arena as a rather broken person. Through my faith, amazing leaders, exceptional coven brothers and sisters, and the Lady and Lord, I found who I am. I see it as my life’s work now to pass along the knowledge, wisdom, and love I have received to others who wish to walk with me. If you feel that you are ready to begin walking this path and feel as if I am the Priestess for you, please contact me and we can discuss our options.

Blessed be!
Willow McKenna



5 thoughts on “The Circle

  1. I am new to The Craft and I want to learn. Sadly I am in a situation where I can’t come to you guys and I have to hide my decision from my family. I really want to learn and explore, but I know I can’t do it by myself. There are only two others that practice in my town, and they have limited knowledge as well.
    I would love to speak with you as soon as possible.


  2. Beautiful poem – I desire to learn the craft and walk the path. I have sent an e-mail and am very much looking forward to hearing back.


    1. Thank you! I received your email and am so grateful for your interest! Unfortunately we are not accepting students right now. But I will save your email and can contact you when we are.

      Willow McKenna


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