Merry Meet

The Circle of Shadow and Light is a Wiccan Coven located in Arlington, Texas. We are a member coven of the American Tradition of the Goddess, or AMTRAD for short. We accept new seekers to become student within our coven who are looking for camaraderie, life-long friendships and, most important of all, themselves.

You will be tested to your  limits, only to be pushed further past them. You will see and explore places and things that you never knew existed. You will be challenged to grow not just mentally, but spiritually. And you will find one of the most important things to find in this world…the path to your own truth and the courage to defend it.

Shadow and Light will demand your time, your work and that you constantly challenge yourselves and each other. You will be working both on your own AND with your fellow coven members.  We are not seeking perfection. We only seek the worthy, and it is them that will have their names etched in our history from the darkest of shadows to the brightest of lights.

Are you ready to shine within the darkness?

                  Strive Forward                       



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