All About the Student Year


Prior to initiation, all students must first complete a Rainbow Year consisting of a year and a day, during which classes will occur before Full Moon rites, typically on Sundays. Rest assured that ample notice of class dates will be provided well in advance. After completion of the Rainbow Year, the student is eligible to request initiation. Students are under no obligation to initiate into the coven, nor is the High Priestess under any obligation to grant an initiation to any particular student- only those few who truly fit within the group will be invited to to join.  Toward the end of the student’s Rainbow Year, they will be asked to work with their fellow students to write and create a public ritual celebrating one of the eight Sabbats, performed by Circle of Shadow and Light in a public arena. Female initiates will work with the High Priestess learning the Female Mysteries, or Blood Moons. Male initiates will delve into the Male Mysteries, or Stag Moons. 

The Rainbow Year of Classes for Circle of Shadow and Light includes:

Orientation to the Tradition
Ethics and Etiquette
History of Witchcraft
Tools of the Craft
The Goddess in all Her Aspects
The God in all His Aspects
Elements and Altars
Creating Sacred Space and Altars
Wheel of the Year (taught as the Sabbats occur)
Crystals and Stones
Animal Magic
Writing and Performing Public Ritual
Cleansing Objects and Spaces

For more information please contact:

 Willow McKenna

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